Are you planning to graduate
at the end of quad 3?


If you plan on graduating at the end of quad 3, you must submit the form below.  
- Only SCAS-Adult students may complete this form.
- We will post the form for quad 4 when that quad has started.  Please do not submit this form now if you will be graduating at the end of quad 4

The Google form has two parts:

1. Request to Graduate

2. PLAR  (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) - This is needed so we can add credits for school studies outside of Ontario and work/volunteer/life experiences.

A student must have completed 30 credits in order to graduate, however, if a student is successful in the PLAR process, they may graduate with completing fewer credits.  Only SCAS-Adult students may apply for the PLAR process.

Please note that you must have completed the following courses at SCAS or another Ontario school in order to graduate:

- Grade 11 English - ENG3
- Grade 12 English - ENG4
- Canadian Geography - CGC1
- Canadian History - CHC2
- Any other TWO grade 11 or 12 courses

For this school year only, the Ontario Ministry of Education has stated that the Ontario Literacy Course, OLC4, is not a requirement to graduate.

If you will be completing all of the above courses at the end of quad 3, complete this Request to Graduate and PLAR Form.