Frequently Asked Questions

 What does my child need to bring to camp?

Your child will need a variety of items depending on the program they are registered for. A packing list is provided here.

 What kind of bedding should I send with my child?

A sleeping bag and a pillow is best. If you do not own a sleeping bag, sheets and a blanket will also work. For bedding, we recommend a single fitted sheet to fit our bunks.

 Should I send snacks with my child?

Sending snacks is not necessary. We provide three large meals a day and always have fruit available. We also have a tuck shop open after evening program where campers are able to purchase snacks. If you do choose to send snacks, please ensure that they are nut free and do not need refrigeration. Please be aware that nut free includes products which are labeled may contain.

 How much money should I send with my child for tuck?

Campers are allowed to spend up to $3.00 a night at the tuck shop. In addition, there is also camp merchandise (t-shirts, water bottles, buffs, stickers, etc.) ranging in price up to $20.00 an item.

 Where is the bus pick up and drop off for campers coming from the Greater Toronto Area?

NEW this year: All buses leave from Agincourt Recreation Centre, 31 Glen Watford Drive Toronto. Further information for busing can be found here.

 If I am registering two children, will I get a discount?

Yes. A family discount will be given for registering more than one child from the same household. The first child is full price, additional children will receive $25 off their fee. The same discount applies to campers registering for more than one session.

 Will my child be sharing a room with other children?

Yes. We have cabins with up to 10-20 campers of the same gender, depending on age and group size. We also have a lodge residence for younger campers with 6-8 campers per room.

 How often will my child be able to shower?

During an 8 day stay, campers are given the option to shower a minimum of 2 times. Additionally, campers will also have the opportunity to swim almost everyday.

 Will my child have access to laundry facilities?

Campers staying for single sessions will not have access to laundry facilities, so please make sure to pack adequate clothing for their stay. Campers staying for more than one session will have the opportunity to do a load of laundry over the session changeover.

 What time will my child be getting to bed?

The camp staff determine bedtimes based on a group’s age, behaviour and activity level throughout the day.

 Will I be able to communicate with my child during their stay?

Campers are able to receive e-mail and regular mail. They will only be able to respond via regular mail. Address emails to campkearney@tdsb.on.ca and put your camper’s name and program title in the subject heading. If your child wishes to send mail during their stay, please ensure they have packed stamps and envelopes. Please note that our phone lines are business lines and campers do not have access to dial or receive phone calls. This policy is important. In addition to our lines being business lines, phone calls can cause even the most independent campers to become homesick. We assure electronics (cell phones, electronic readers, laptops, etc.) to camp. These items will be collected for safekeeping upon arrival, and will be returned only on the last day of camp.

 Will I be able to see a picture of my child posted on social media during their stay?

We do our best to post photographs of campers when we have an opportunity, but cannot accommodate specific requests. Please understand that we are very busy and have to be mindful about sharing photos of campers that do not have media release.

 Can my child use their personal cell phone or electronic device will at camp?

We have a no electronics policy at Camp Kearney. These items may be lost or stolen, and replacement is at the owner’s expense. Please do not bring personal electronics (cell phones, electronic readers, laptops, etc.) to camp. These items will be collected for safekeeping upon arrival, and will be returned only on the day of camp.

 My child needs assistance taking regular medication. How will this be   administered during their camp stay?

Camper medication is collected on the day of their arrival. All administration of medication is recorded and done by our Senior Staff members.

 My child has a special dietary restriction; can this be accommodated at camp?

Our kitchen staff can accommodate most dietary restrictions. Please contact us at campkearney@tdsb.on.ca for specific dietary accommodations.

 My child has a severe nut allergy; can they still attend camp?

Yes. Camp Kearney has a strict no-nut policy and our kitchen has a nut-free menu. Please also remember to send your child’s EPI-PEN with them to camp. They are required to carry it at all times.

 How strong of a swimmer does my child have to be to attend camp?

Non-tripping programs do not have any swimming prerequisites. Campers in our on-site programs will have an opportunity to do a water test to swim without a personal flotation device (PFD) in our life guarded swim area. Canoe tripping programs require campers to meet the swimming prerequisite of being able to comfortably swim 100m and tread water for 3 minutes.