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Camp Kearney is missing the campers, the staff and the Camp Life!!  However we hope you are finding a way to enjoy the summer, and get outside.  These stickers are a way to take a bit of Camp Kearney with you where ever you go...  

The Camp Kearney Logo stickers are approx. 2"x2" and cut to shape. The cost is $4 for the first sticker and $3 for each additional sticker purchased per order (this includes postage within Canada). These stickers will look fabulous anywhere and we hope you stick them proudly! Please post your picture on our facebook page or instagram sporting your new sticker! Water Bottles, Skateboards, Lockers, Note Books, Laptops are just a few suggestions. 

Use the order form on this page to order your stickers and then pay through Cash Online 


 **Please use the following steps when paying for multiple stickers through Cash Online  Step 1) Select your $4 sticker add it to your cart. Step 2) Choose "Select More Items" and go back to Camp Kearney Sticker. Step 3) Select the $3 sticker option and increase your quantity appropriately. Step 4) Cash Out.


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