A team of students holding a racoon circle and working together

Character Education Themed Programs

Students playing co-op games in the SOES field

Students walking together on land skis

Co-operative Games
(all seasons)

An excellent and popular program that is often used to 'break the ice' on the first night. Led by our staff, your group will be challenged by dynamic and active games both indoors and out.

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(spring and fall only)

Looking to promote teamwork and work on problem solving skills with your students? Initiatives can help challenge your students with problems and trust activities that focus on character and team building.

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Students attempting to cross a bridge on the low ropes course

A students climbing on our climbing wall

Low Ropes
(spring and fall only)

Group problem solving and team building activities using our challenging low ropes course. The activities can be chosen to focus on a specific character trait.

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High Ropes
(fall only)

Students will use team work and trust to scale a wall and climb a vertical playground while belayed in a well supervised setting.

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Campfire pit and group

(spring, fall and summer)

Get around the campfire, choose your activities, stories, skits or songs.

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