Earth Stewardship

Students putting wood chips in at the base of a large white pine tree to protect its roots

 With over 5000 students visiting SOES each year, there are environmental impacts upon our trails and natural environment that require restoration and repair. There are projects that we can take on that help to reduce our ecological footprint, for example buying food from local farmers, creating habitat in our own school or back yard.

At SOES we invite students to reduce their ecological footprint by completing an earth repair or environment project. These projects allow students to get outside, be active and get into the mud while at the same time restoring, repairing and therefore reducing our human impact on the natural environment at SOES.

Students become environmental stewards as they roll up their sleeves to get into the mud and get involved in solving a real environmental problem on site at SOES. After working using tools and superior strength, students can stand back and admire their work. Many are left with a feeling of accomplishment for a job well done, for helping reduce our ecological footprint on the forest and for assisting future classes in the enjoyment of the wilderness here at SOES.

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
The earth repair and environment projects have a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus. Students use their own knowledge and resources from your school library or online to help design and build a solution to an environmental problem. Our projects ask students to think about water systems, structures and sustainable practices.

Projects may include repairing trails through erosion control. This could mean digging a trench to drain water away from the trail, putting in a channel or culvert to divert water. Students have helped build steps to reduce erosion and make a trail safe to walk on. It can also include gardening projects such as building a new butterfly garden, potato and garlic beds. Talk to your SOES staff member about the projects that are available. Many are weather and resource dependent.

Eco Schools Certification
For schools that are applying for Eco Schools certification. This project can be used to gain points towards Eco Schools certification in section 5. Contribute to Healthy, Safe, and Caring School Communities EcoReview - 5.6 and 5.7.