Large voyageur canoe with many people paddling at SOES.

Indigenous Education Themed Programs

 A beaver

Teepee in the forest 

Trappers and Traders

(spring and fall only, winter on request)

Students learn about the development of this fur trade in Canada before becoming the First Nations trappers.

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(all seasons)

Ask to visit our teepee as one of your programs to experience First Nation food, fire lighting technique and legends.

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 Group holding a blanket throwing a young person into the sky

Maple Syrup

(spring only)

See and get involved with Maple Syrup production at SOES. Tap trees, collect sap, watch a boil down and maybe taste some.

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Inuit Games

(fall and winter only)

Learn about Inuit culture then demonstrate teamwork, co-ordination and trust with the blanket toss and other Inuit game.

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 Boy holding a bow and arrow shooting at a target

Snowshoeing in the forest 

Indigenous Hunting Technology

(fall and late spring only)

Get an opportunity to experience, explore and compare a variety of First Nation hunting tools and their development over time.

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(winter only)

Discover the origins of the snowshoe and use our snowshoes in the forest to see how they work.

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A bow and drill used to make a fire


Fire By Friction

(Spring and fall only)

Student get the opportunity to try starting a fire using historical bow drill and flint with steel techniques.

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