Blended Learning

Blended Learning @ TSS

THESTUDENTSCHOOL is a semester blended learning school. That means we combine online learning with in-class learning. Students are expected to attend their courses twice a week and access course materials online through Google Classroom.

Our weekly schedule is as follows:

MONDAYS - Monday Program (Special Schedule) - No regular classes BUT students are expected to attend staff advisor meetings in the AM, followed by a FREE LUNCH followed by ALL-SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING in the PM, followed by WORKSHOPS. A portion of a student's grade in each class in linked to Monday attendance.

TUESDAYS - DAY 1 classes

WEDNESDAY - DAY 2 classes

THURSDAY - DAY 1 classes

FRIDAY - DAY 2 classes 


period 1 - 9:00-10:20

period 2 - 10:20-11:40

period 3 - 12:25-1:45

period 4 - 1:45-3:05

There are 8 BLOCKS over 2 days - A typical student would take 4 courses over 2 days. 



Google Classroom

Our online learning platform is Google Classroom. At the start of each semester, students are asked to log onto their TDSB accounts and accept their courses' Google Classroom invitations. 

Students are expected to check their course's Google Classroom on a regular basis. Parents/guardians can be added upon request if the student is under 18. For students over 18, parents/guardian must obtain student permission to be added

Monday Program

Our special Monday program allows students to learn collaboratively and build community in an interactive and engaging way. We have a full school Council meeting where democratic principles are paramount allowing students a real voice and then we offer sessions that include field trips, workshops with guest speakers from the community, wellness activities, therapy dogs, documentaries, extra course help, university and college application prep, literary test prep and much more. In addition, students and staff will sometimes prepare a free lunch to be enjoyed by all! 

During a shortened four day week due to holidays or P.A. days, the Monday program is cancelled and we have our regular Day 1 and Day 2 classes.