Blended Learning

Blended Learning @ TSS

THESTUDENTSCHOOL is a semestered blended learning school. That means we combine online learning with in-class learning. Students are expected to attend their courses twice a week and access course materials online through Google Classroom.

The schedule

Google Classroom

Our online learning platform is Google Classroom. At the start of each semester, students are asked to log onto their TDSB accounts and accept their courses' Google Classroom invitations. 

Students are expected to check their course's Google Classroom on a regular basis. Parents/guardians can be added upon request if the student is under 18. For students over 18, parents/guardian must obtain student permission to be added

Wednesday Program

During a regular five day week, we have a special Wednesday program. All students are expected to attend the Wednesday program. The Wednesday program's offerings will differ each week. Some courses may hold mandatory workshops, activities, labs, quizzes, etc during a Wednesday session. If a student does not have a mandatory Wednesday session they must attend, then they may choose an activity based on their interest. 


Free lunch! Every Wednesday session, a staff member cooks a lunch for the school. (For photos of what kind of food is served, see the section "nutritious lunches" under the photo menu above.)

During a four day week, the Wednesday program is cancelled and it becomes a regular Day 1 or 2.

Some examples of Wednesday session offerings include: wellness club, therapy dogs, swimming, silk screen workshop, guest speakers, science labs, extra course help, university/collage application prep, basketball game, open art room, etc.