Our Facilities


THESTUDENTSCHOOL have a variety of unique facilities to help enrich our educational experience.

The Hub

The Hub is our makerspace. Here students may use the space as a study hall. We also use the space for special events such as our STEM challenge and as an alternative classroom for activities such as life drawing and using sewing machines.


Community Kitchen

We have a community kitchen that is opened during the lunch period for students and staff to use. There are also small snacks such as cereals and canned goods available for one of those forgetful days. 

Our community kitchen is also where we cook and serve our free Wednesday lunch!


Workout/Gym Room

Our workout/gym room is used for our personal fitness course. It is also open during select Wednesday programs for students to workout.


Hallway Piano

Students are welcome to play the piano during lunch or after school. Many students take advantage of the piano to teach themselves a few songs!