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Wonderful school for students that want to or need to develop their education in ways that aren't accommodated well in more traditional settings. My daughter would not have graduated had she stuck with Humberside or comparable schools, and she wouldn't have blossomed and thrived to the same extent, had she not been fortunate enough to work with the caring and dedicated teachers at TSS
. - Parent of a graduate, June 2015

“I have seen my son mature, thrive and take real pride in his school work and school activities since coming to The Student School.  It’s been life changing!” - Caroline Haddad, TSS Parent

I'm a former student of the Student School! I have been diagnosed with ADHD from a young age and was told I would never graduate High School. My grades were very low and I barely got by high school until I discovered the Student School.
I then excelled and achieved high marks even 92 % in one of my courses. I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without the Student School. I graduated and now I am a successful self-employed real estate agent
.- Chris Craddock, Graduate, 2012

“Everyone here is so friendly and the teachers are so amazing…” – Charli Brown, 2013 Grad

“I would strongly recommend The Student School to anyone who is looking to radically challenge the misconception that high school has to be boring…” – Dalai Cote, 2012 Grad

THESTUDENTSCHOOL is so different from most other schools, you hardly feel like you’re in high school. The academics are still there, but the atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly …. I would never have completed high school if I hadn’t come here.-  Cecelia Calladine, graduate