Canadian & World Studies

Canadian World Studies at THESTUDENTSCHOOL

At THESTUDENTSCHOOL we offer a range of history and geography courses that cater to students' interests. We invite guest speakers and take students out into the community to apply what they've learned in the classroom.


Toronto: Past, its Present, Future (CHH3C1) - Grade 11

The focus of this course will be on OUR city, its history, its unique neighbourhoods, its people, its architecture, it achievements, its industry, and its future. Many of you were born here. Some of you might be immigrants to Toronto. But for all of us it is home. This is your community. Learn about it, embrace it, enjoy it and make a difference!

Canadian and International Law (CLN4U) - Grade 12

This course explores a range of contemporary legal issues and how they are addressed in both Canadian and international law. Students will develop an understanding of the principles of Canadian and international law and of issues related to human rights and freedoms, conflict resolution, restorative justice and criminal, environmental, and workplace law, both in Canada and internationally. Students will apply the concepts of legal thinking and the legal studies inquiry process, and will develop legal reasoning skills, when investigating these and other issues in both Canadian and international contexts.

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English, or social sciences and humanities.

Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (CGW4U) - Grade 12

This course examines the global challenges of creating a sustainable and equitable future, focusing on current issues that illustrate these challenges. Students will investigate a range of topics, including cultural, economic, and geopolitical relationships, regional disparities inthe ability to meet basic human needs, and protection of the natural environment. Students will use geotechnologies and skills of geographic inquiry and analysis to develop and communicate balanced opinions about the complex issues facing Canada and a world that is interdependent and constantly changing.

Environmental Studies (CGR4M) - Grade 12

This course is basically about how to save the planet.  We will investigate the complexity and fragility of ecosystems and the pressures that human activity place on them.  Students will examine ecological processes, the principles of sustainability and strategies for resource management, with a focus on the challenges of environmental degradation and resource depletion.  Students will use various geographic techniques to explain and evaluate various approaches to achieving a more sustainable relationship between people and the environment.

In addition, students will be involved a various citizen science projects and field studies to develop their naturalistic intelligence.