How are we different?


At THESTUDENTSCHOOL we strive to provide an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for our students. We recognize that both academics and life skills are important in the growth of all learners.

We set ourselves apart from other day schools through the following:

Enriched Learning Both In and Out of the Classroom


At THESTUDENTSCHOOL we only offer grade 11-12 courses. What that means however is that we offer many different senior level elective courses that are geared towards student interest and graduation. 

As we are a small school, we also work together! We have school field trips to a variety of different cross curricular sites such as the Royal Ontario Museum, Hot Docs film festival, Ontario Science Centre. Ripley's Aquarium, visit to a gaming studio, and Centennial Park Conservatory. We also have guest speakers such as lawyers, politicians, public health nurses, animal experts, activists, and poets to enrich students' learning and answer any questions that they may have.

Our MONDAY program also offer many opportunities for students to try many different activities. In the past we've offered a soap making workshop, STEM challenge, silk screen printing, swimming in Western Tech's pool, gardening, therapy dogs, First Aid training, game programming, and more!

Blended Learning and Flexibility

We are a blended learning school which means we combine one-on-one learning with online learning. Each course meets 2-3 times a week. This system allows for opportunities to create a flexible timetable to address the individual needs of students.

Each course has its own Google Classroom and students are expected to complete online work outside of class time. 

Informal and Relaxed Environment


While we are serious about academics, the environment at TSS is also informal and relaxed. Teachers are on a first name basis with students and while we have periods, we don't use class bells. We also have an open door policy meaning students are always welcome to drop in to talk to the office staff any time during the school day and they can speak with their teachers whenever they are not in another class.

We have a community kitchen for students to cook and share meals as well as The Hub, a makerspace and study hall for students to use.

We are a school that's founded on the principles of participatory democracy and as such, we hold school council meetings at the start of each Wednesday program. In these council meetings, guest speakers are invited and issues concerning the whole school are discussed. 

Easy and Personalized Access to Teachers

Each student is assigned a teacher as their guidance advisor to offer one-on-one support and guidance meetings are held 4-5 times a semester. During the guidance meetings, students may ask questions about post secondary, career options, their progress in school, or concerns that they may have about what's happening in their lives. 

Academics and Healthy Living


Academics are important, but so is our health! We encourage students to balance their academics with self-care by acknowledging the importance of both physical and emotional health. We have a social worker that comes once a week. We also invite members of the community such as public health nurses and addiction services workers to speak to our school community.

We have a nutrient station stocked with tea, granola bars, and fruit. The community kitchen is stocked with canned soup and cereal in case we have one of those forgetful days. During a MONDAY program, we often offer free lunch! Teachers take turn cooking a hearty lunch such as stir fry, pasta, Greek chicken, etc.