School History and Philosophy

Our History and Philosophy


THESTUDENTSCHOOL was established in 1979 as a school for early leavers. It was designed to be an organic environment of staff and students where individual voices are heard and people feel free to take risks and explore new experiences. We hold regular all-school meetings at the start of our Monday program in which students and teachers alike get a single vote to decide matters of importance to the school community. Students are on a first name basis with their teachers and each student has a staff member as their adviser whom they meet one-on-one throughout the semester to plan for after high school and potentially more personal problems as they arise. 

We are committed to an environment that is free from discrimination and social equity. We are a Safe and Positive Space for all students no matter their gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. We encourage students to get involved in the community through fundraisers for various social causes, guest speakers, and field trips. 

Our graduates attend colleges and universities in Ontario and across Canada. Others enter the workforce.

The teachers at TSS all espouse the belief that education is more than just getting credits; it is about helping students become engaged in their education, build up important life skills, opening up their experience of activism, and giving people the opportunity to turn their lives around. There is a focus on building relationships and fostering mindfulness and resilience.