At THESTUDENTSCHOOL we offer both college and university level English courses to fulfill our students' graduation requirements.

Student reviewing essay organizer with her English teacher

Grade 11/12 College English (ENG3/4C)

This course is an introduction to many of the literacy requirements of college.  We will focus on paragraphing, short essays, and oral skills needed in a college environment.  We will do units on the following topics: fake news, poetry, growth mindset, autobiographies, and short non-fiction.

Grade 11 University English (ENG3U)

This course emphasizes the development of skills that are necessary for success in daily life and ENG4U. Students will be asked

Two students helped by their English teacher

to analyze and critically explore a variety of different literary texts such as short stories, poetry, novellas, and novels as well as media texts such as spoken word poems, advertisements, and movies, in order to develope their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Students will also develop their critical thinking, creativity, and media literacy by analyzing a variety of media texts and current social issues. 

Students must have successfully completed either Grade 10 Academic English (ENG2D) or Grade 11 College English (ENG3C) in order to sign up for ENG3U.

Grade 12 University English (ENG4U)

This course is designed to prepare students for the reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical literacy demands of university. 

Two English students working on unscrambling a paragraph

In addition, students will develop the ability to analyze their performance to identify weaknesses, strengths, and strategies for improvement. Many universities offer courses on different aspects of popular culture.  In this course we will examine the structures and motifs of folk culture in fairy tales, and the continuation of those patterns into contemporary horror films.  We will explore the development of self in the social media age.  In addition, we will examine the evolution of graphic texts from cave paintings and stained glass to graphic novels. 

Prerequisite: ENG3U

Grade 12 University Literature Studies (ETS4U)

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This course will examine different forms of literature and literary devices from different time periods and places around the world. We will be focusing on identifying the author’s voice and the context in which these works were written as well as enhancing analytical and critical thinking skills. The emphasis will be on expanding the knowledge, understanding and analysis of different forms of literature as well as improving on creative and structured writing skills using essays, novels, novellas and media texts.

Prerequisite: ENG3U