What to do after the March break

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

 Hello to all students and parents;

Given the current situation of the school closure, THESTUDENTSCHOOL teachers want to personally contact each student to find out how you are doing and to identify anyone who may have challenges to working online from home.

We are asking every student to send an email to one of your teachers; tell us (1) how you are and (2) whether you are able to connect to the Google Classroom from home; do you have access to a device and Wifi? If you are in contact with anyone who is not able to connect online, let us know that as well.

Students if you forgot your tdsb  password and need to reset it do the following;

1) go to aw.tdsb.on.ca

2) use the Forgot Password link

3) the temporary password is XXXXDDMM@Tdsb {the last four digits of your student number, two digits for day of birth and two for month (ex. born on January 15; code is 0115)

The teachers don't have answers yet to many important questions; When will classes resume? What about midterm grades and College & University acceptances? How will the courses get completed? etc. We are all waiting to hear and will let you know as soon as we can. 


Last Updated On 3/24/2020 11:28:26 AM