Visual & Performing Arts 

Visual Arts

Focus: Visual arts courses focus on art appreciation and studio activities. Students analyze and interpret works of fine art, works in applied design, and works in crafts. Through practical activities, they design and create art works and products, and experiment with a variety of media and processes.

Course Code: AWD3M1-2D/3D Design

Units: Graphic Design, Lighting Design, Studies in Contemporary Design, Architecture and Interior Design, History of Architecture

Course Code: AWD4M1-2D/3D Design

Units: Graphic Design, Textile Design, Furniture Design, Design History, Theatre Design (Stage and Costume), Theatre History

Course Code: AWN3M1-Painting

Units: Colour Theory and Composition, 15th – 19th century Art History Research, Art Historical Painting, Portrait Painting, Abstract painting

Course Code: AWN4M1-Painting

Units: Colour Theory and Composition, 19th – 20th century Art History Research, Art Historical Painting, Figure Painting, Abstract painting

Course Code: AVI 4M1-Visual Arts

Units: Figure Drawing, Experimental Multi Media Drawing, Critical Issues in Contemporary Art, Painting, 19th and 20th Century Art History, Print Making, Sculpture

Course Code: ASM201-Media Arts

Units: Intro to New Media, Egos and Icons, Still Image, Narrative, Moving Image, Interactive Environment

Course Code: ASM301-Media Arts

Units: Review/Update New Media, Issues in Media Arts, Careers in Media Arts, Moving Image, Interactive Environment

Photography: AWQ3M1, AWQ4M1


Band: AMI2O1, AMI3M1, AMI4M1 

Repertoire: AMR3M1, AMR4M1

Strings: AMS2O1, AMI3M1, AMI4M1

Guitar: AMG2O1, AMG3M1, AMG4M1

Keyboard: AMK2O1, AMK3M1, AMK4M1


This course requires students to actively explore dramatic forms and techniques, using their own ideas and concerns as well as sources selected from a wide range of authors, genres, and cultures. Students learning will include identifying and using the principles of space, time, voice, and movement in creating, sustaining, and communicating authentic roles within a drama. Students will assume responsibility for decisions made in the creation and presentation of the drama, and will analyze and reflect on the experience.

Course Code: ADA201-Open Drama

Units: Picture Monologue, Dramatic Forms, Tableau, Uncovering Meaning in Text, Collective Creation - Anthology

Course Code: ADA3M1-Grade 11 Mixed Drama

Units: Intro Monologue, Acting styles and conventions, Western plays of the 19th Century, Elizabethan theatre, Culminating - Character Development

Course Code: ADA4M1-Grade 12 Mixed Drama