About Guidance

The York Mills Guidance Department provided a broad range of programs and services for students. Counselors may assist students with program planning career choices, post-secondary planning and personal issues.

                                                             SCHOOL POLICIES


• Cheating or other forms of academic dishonesty are situations that promote unfair academic advantage. Some examples of cheating may include talking, use of electronic devices, crib notes and the use of any unauthorized materials during the evaluation.
• The use of any electronic device during an examination/test without the consent of the teacher is considered cheating.
• Consequences for cheating on a test or examination may include the awarding of a zero for the evaluation, entry of the student’s name into the school register maintained for cheating and plagiarism, a telephone call to the parent(s)/guardian (s) and suspension from school.
• Refer to the Growing Success Ministry Policy for further information.


Assessment and evaluation are an integral part of the learning process. It is a continuous process that occurs from the first to the last day of the course. Assessment and evaluation provide accountability and prompt, frequent and meaningful feedback to students, and their parents. It assists in monitoring of student progress, strengths and weaknesses to aid in remediation.
• A comprehensive Course Evaluation Statement will be provided to each student within the first five classes of a course.
• Students will not be penalized for evaluations missed for legitimate reasons (i.e. illness with a letter signed by a parent or upon request, with medical authorization, documented court appearance, death in the family, out of class activites as per TDSB policy – Growing Success policy).
• Students who know of an upcoming extended absence must discuss the situation in advance with an administrator.
• No tests or assignments are to be scheduled during four (4) school days prior to the beginning of examinations for each semester if the course has a final examination.
• Students missing examinations for reasons deemed to be legitimate by an administrator may be required to write a substitute examination at the end of the exam period.
Documentation supporting the absence from an evaluation must be submitted no later than the next school day following the original date of the evaluation.
• Students who miss an evaluation with no legitimate reason will be assigned a mark of zero for the missed evaluation.
• Exam/Mark Consultation Day provides students with the opportunity to view and discuss their final marks with the teacher.


Final examinations and evaluations are mandatory. Students who are absent from a final examination or evaluation musty show a medical certificate indicating that the student was too ill to participate in a final examination or evaluation on a specific date otherwise, a mark of zero (0) will be assigned. Dates for the final examination periods are: First Semester: January 23 – January 30, 2012 and Second Semester: June 13 – 21, 2013. These dates are final.

An examination schedule is distributed prior to each set of examinations. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the date, time and location of their examinations and to report and conflicts to the Main Office well in advance of the actual time of writing.


In the event of a disagreement over a specific evaluation, the following procedure should be followed to ensure a fair, consistent appeal process:
• The appeal begins with the teacher.
• The teacher and student should agree to meet outside of class at a mutually acceptable time in order to resolve the dispute.
• If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, the teacher and student may approach the Curriculum Leader or Assistant Curriculum Leader responsible for that subject, or his/her designate for a ruling. Both parties are expected to be “reasonable” and to arrive at a mutually acceptable conclusion as a result of this discussion.
• If a mutually satisfactory solution still has not been reached, the teacher and student may seek a final and binding decision from the school Administration.


Plagiarism is a form of academic cheating and is a very serious matter; It occurs when a writer, presenter or performer uses the major ideas, interpretation, analysis, statistics, findings, or conclusions of others in his/her work without acknowledging their source. Whether the work of others is copied verbatim (word for word) or paraphrased without the sources being acknowledged, plagiarism has occurred.

An assignment in which plagiarism is identified will receive a mark of zero. There will be no opportunity to resubmit or make up the assignment in which the offence occurred. Parents will be notified, a suspension may occur and the student’s name will be entered into the Plagiarism Register. A register of all students who are found to plagiarize will be maintained in the main office. A student name that is placed in the resister will remain until the student graduates or transfers to another school.

                                                                GENERAL INFORMATION


To experience success at York Mills, regular, punctual attendance is expected. There is a definite attendance is expected. There is a definite correlation between absences and failure to earn credits. Our computerized dialling system automatically calls the home of absent students during the evenings of each school day. You have a responsibility to yourself, your parents and your teachers to attend regularly and punctually.

Students who are persistently late will be counselled about the values of punctuality. Ongoing tardiness may result in the loss of privileges in the following areas: athletics, clubs, YMAC events, gold & silver points, performances and reference letters.


There may be times when activities occur such as field trips, school activities, or special events that require a student to miss a specific class or classes. In all circumstances, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate directly with the subject teacher in advance of the event that will prevent the student from attending any scheduled class.

If the activity requires leaving the school property, the parent/guardian’s written authority for that specific event must be on file. It is the student’s sole responsibility to catch up on any work missed and evaluations (when possible) due to any absence. If the student knows in advance that he/she has an appointment during the day, the student must to go to the Guidance Office, produce a parent note and sign out in the appropriate record book.

All absences of students under 18 years of age including those for Holy Days and Festivals must be explained in writing by a parent/guardian. Upon return from the absence, students must present the note to the guidance office at the end of the school day.


Notes must include the following information: the student’s name and home form clearly printed; the date(s) of absence or lateness; the signature of parent/guardian for students less than 18 years of age. Students 18 years or older may sign their own notes.

If a student becomes ill during the day they must go to the Guidance Office to sign out. A telephone call home for permission will be made. Students arriving at school after the end of period 1 must go to the Guidance Office to sign in. Failure to do either of these steps will result in a telephone call home in the evening.

It is important the emergency numbers and cell phone numbers are listed in the student data card are accurate and up-to-date so that the school can make immediate emergency contact when necessary.

• To reserve use of the Cafeteria or Stage, it must be booked through the Main Office.
• Students may not sit on the Cafeteria Stage or table tops.


Accident insurance is available through the Reliable Life Insurance Company at a reasonable cost to each student. Information is available in the registration package or at www.insuremykids.com or call Reliable Life Insurance at 1-800-463-5437.


Students are not encouraged to drive to school because of limited parking facilities. No student is guaranteed a parking space Student parking is permitted only between lined spaces, in the lot located to the east of the school, and is available on a first-come, first serve basis. York Mills students are not permitted to use the Etienne Brule parking lot. The parking lot located to the west side of the school is reserved exclusively for staff. Cars illegally parked in the staff lot may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.


You are provided with a locker to assist you with storage of personal belongings. Your locker combination should remain private and students must not share a locker with another student. As no one can guarantee the security of your personal belongings, you are advised not to bring expensive items to school. Students are also reminded not to leave any valuable items in the Gym change rooms. The TDSB does not carry insurance for the loss of personal belongings of students. It is strongly recommended that every student purchase a high security lock of the type sold by the school store. Lockers remain school property at all times.


Ontario laws have banned the use of tobacco in and on school grounds. No one, including visitors, staff, or students, regardless of age, is permitted to use tobacco, at any time, in the building or on the school grounds. Any person convicted of this offence will be subject to a fine.

It is illegal to sell or supply tobacco to a person less than 19 years of age on or off school property. The supply of tobacco to a person less than 19 years of age may result in a fine. Students under the age of 16 will be summoned to court with a parent/guardian, and the fine amount will be determined at that time by a Justice.

At York Mills, the consequences of contravening the code are 1) that the parent/guardian be involved immediately, 2) that the student may be suspended and, 3) that the student may be issued a fine.


All textbooks, library books and materials must be returned to the subject teacher/library on or before Mark Consultation Day. If any book is not returned in suitable condition, appropriate payment will be required. Failure to provide books or payment may result in in report cards and student timetables being withheld and may prevent transcripts from being sent to universities or colleges.


Any students wishing to host a visitor at York Mills must make arrangements with the administration in advance of a visit. Failure to do so could result in a trespass notice being given to the guest student.