York Mills Athletics


Please visit the YMAC Website for news and updates about York Mills’ Athletics. 

The link is:  www.tinyurl.com/yorkmillsathletics


YMAC's goal is to promote school spirit through active involvement in a variety of activities including: lunch time intramural and special events, such as triathlon, athletic banquet, teacher vs. student games, etc. This group of students encourages and promotes athletics as part of school involvement, team and Titan spirit, and a source of fun.

The annual Athletic Awards Banquet (held in late spring) celebrates student achievement in sports excellence and team-building. Using a points system throughout the student-athletes’ high school career, they earn a Junior or Senior Letter. There are special awards for athletic involvement at YMCI, as well as the Senior Athlete of the Year and Junior Athlete of the Year, presented to the top male and female athletes. 

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the extra-curricular activities offered at YMCI.
  • You must be a full-time student, i.e. registered in, attending regularly and passing, a minimum of three credits per semester.
  • You must have a current Student Activity Card.
  • You are accountable to your coach or staff advisor for all practices, games, rehearsals and meetings.
  • You are accountable for any class work missed due to extra-curricular involvement. Students involved in extra-curricular activities must always inform their teachers in advance of their absence.
  • You must display good citizenship and adhere to the school's Student Code of Conduct at all times.

The guidelines below have the purpose of ensuring that opportunities for participation in extra-curricular activities are available to all students on an equitable basis, and that students who are active in these programs are able to meet all of their obligations (academic, athletic, artistic, and/or leadership-related).
  • A student may be an executive member of only one major organization at any one time during the year.
  • Except for the above guideline, there are no restrictions pertaining to membership in clubs and organizations, which operate at York Mills.
  • Students to whom the first guideline does not apply may participate on a maximum of one inter-school team per season, providing they meet the academic requirements.

For the student who is interested in competing against other TDSB Schools, consider one of our many school teams. Remember that it is a privilege to play on a school team, not a right. To qualify for a team a student must meet the eligibility requirements for extra-curricular involvement. 
In the event that a student quits a team (or has been asked to leave a team), he/she will be excluded from participating in the following season. 
Athletes may participate on one interschool team per season.