Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if online learning is right for me?

There is no way to know for sure about something new unless you give it a try. Our quick quiz will help you decide whether online classes fit with your learning style.

What if I can’t attend the Orientation session?

In order to complete enrolment in a TDSB e-Credit 18+  course you MUST complete an online orientation via Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing tool that lets you see, hear and interact with your teacher and classmates. It's like Skype but with a whiteboard. You will use Adobe Connect to conference with your teacher and participate in orientation, tutorials and lessons. If you can't attend a particular Adobe Connect session live, you can watch a recording of the session that your teacher will post in your D2L classroom.

Here's an Adobe Connect Student Quick Start Guide to get you started.

Do I have to log in to my course at a specific time of day?

No. You don't have to work on your e-Credit 18+ course at a particular time of day.

You just need to login every school day and complete a certain amount of work by the date set out by teacher. Expect to spend 1-2 hours per day. Missing two days of e-Credit 18+ is like missing an entire week of class during the regular school year.

Access is available anywhere, anytime from any device with an internet connection. To be successful, students are strongly encouraged to log in on a regular basis i.e. Monday to Friday.

Students are expected to attend regular Adobe Connect conferences with their teacher.

How many e-Credit 18+ courses can I take?

You can take ONE full credit course during semester.
In exceptional circumstances students may take two courses at the same time, but they require the permission of the e-Learning principal. Taking too many courses does not set you up for success.

Make sure your course load is manageable.

Am I eligible to take e-Credit 18+ course if I am currently attending school?

No. The e-Credit 18+ program is intended for students not currently attending school.

How much work is an e-Credit Course?

Expect to work few hours every day on your e-Credit 18+ Course. Successful students are those who actively participate in their course on a regular basis, i.e. logging in daily, reading course materials, participating in discussions and submitting assignments.

Can I take a F2F course and an e-Learning course at the same time?

Taking a full credit course online is like going to school FULL TIME! You're taking a full high school credit in only few weeks.  That's 110 hours of instructions. That's around 3 hours plus of school per day plus major assignments and studying for tests and exams. Do the math!

How will I connect with my teacher?

You can communicate with your teacher through email, class discussion, and regular Adobe Connect web conference.