e-Credit 18+ 2021-22 Updates

e-Credit 18+ Adult 2021-22 Program

The TDSB e-Credit 18+ program will begin in Semester 2, 2022. For Semester 1, 2021, eligible adult students may wish to enrol in online night school courses offered through the TDSB Continuing Education Department.

Please check back at this site on November 29, 2021, for course offerings for the Semester 2 e-Credit 18+ online classes for adult students not attending a secondary school.  Registration for the Semester 2 e-Credit 18+ Program will begin on Wednesday, December 13 at 10am.

Our courses will run from February to June. e-Credit 18+ courses are delivered primarily asynchronously with live, weekly lessons and onging, individual support from the course teachers.


Setting You Up for Success

All enrolled students attend an orientation session to meet their teacher at the beginning of the session in February.

Our eligibility criteria require that students enrolled in the e-Credit 18+ Program must not be attending another TDSB or Ontario secondary school simultaneously. If you are enrolled in a day school program you may not continue with an e-Credit 18+ course.


Eligibility Summary

Students must:

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • not attending a publicly funded day school;
  • provide an official transcript of previous completed high school courses; and
  • meet the necessary prerequisites for the requested course.

Course Offerings

2021-22 School Year - Semester 2 (Winter)

Registration for Semester 2 will begin on December 8, 2021 at 10am. Registration remains open until February 17, 2022. We reserve the right to cancel classes and some classes may become full before February 17. Prerequisite information and course descriptions can be obtained through the Choices website.

e-Credit Semester 2 (Winter): February - June

BBB4ME  Gr. 12 International Business Fundamentals, University/College Preparation
BOH4ME  Gr. 12 Business Leadership, University/College Preparation
ENG4CE  Gr. 12 English, College Preparation (Prerequisite: ENG3C or ENG3U)
ENG4UE  Gr. 12 English, University Preparation (Prerequisite: ENG3U)

 Gr. 12 Human Development Throughout the Lifespan, University/College Preparation

 (Prerequisite: Gr. 11/12 C/M/U Eng., Soc. Sci., Humanities or Can. & World Studies)


 Gr. 11 Introduction to Anthroplogy, Psychology and Sociology, College Preparation

 (Prerequisite: ENG2P or CHC2P)


 Gr. 12 Foundations for College Mathematics, College Preparation

 (Prerequisite: MBF3C, MCF3M, or MCR3U)


 Gr. 11 Foundations of College Mathematics, College Preparation 

 (Prerequisite: MFM2P or MDM2D)


 Gr. 11 Functions & Applications, University/College Preparation

 (Prerequisite: MFM2P or MPM2D)


 Gr. 12 Data Management, University Preparation

 (Prerequisite: MCF3M, or MCR3U)


 Gr. 12 Chemistry, College Preparation

 (Prerequisite: SNC2P or SNC2D)


 Gr. 12 Chemistry, University Preparation

 (Prerequisite: SCH3U)