Report Cards

e-Credit mid-term and final marks are NOT automatically transmitted to OUAC (university) or OCAS (colleges).

Only final marks appear on student transcripts. It is each student's responsibility to apply and have their updated transcript information sent to OUAC or OCAS.

We do not send marks directly to colleges or universities for e-Credit students, but we do provide an official report card to students.
There are two different ways for you to receive a copy of your report card:
  1. BY MAIL - we will send a report card to ALL e-credit students to the address on File in e-reg upon completion of the course. (Please check your e-reg account to ensure the address is correct!)
  2. IN PERSON - If you require more than the one copy please call 416-395-4848 and speak with our Office Administrator to request in-person report card pick-up. The e-Learning Central Office is located at 296 Pleasant Avenue, North York, Ontario M2R 2R1 and our office hours are  Monday-Friday from 9:00 - 4:00.

Earning Your Diploma

If you complete your diploma requirements though the e-Credit (18+) program, congratulations! We were glad to help you reach your educational goals and we will issue your actual paper diploma and two copies of your final transcript.


OUAC Applicants

If you are required to report e-Credit courses in OUAC please use "TDSB Virtual School" in the drop down menu. If it is not available in the drop down menu, please selected "Unlisted" or "Other" and type in TDSB Virtual School.


For Non TDSB Students

To upgrade your transcript and, if applicable, request your diploma:

Through your former school board
You may take your e-Credit report card to your last school of record and or associated school board transcript office and request an updated transcript. If you have met the OSSD requirements you may also request your diploma. Note: Requests for transcripts/diplomas may vary from school board to school board.