Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t attend the orientation session?

How do I login to my Virtual Classroom (classroom video session) Lessons?
No login is required. Enter your D2L classroom. Click on link.

When will my daily Virtual Classroom (classroom video session) be running for my course?
It will vary. Virtual Classroom sessions will be scheduled differently for each course. Please consult with your teacher for the schedule.

Do I have to log in to my online course at a specific time of day? 
No. You don't have to work on your course at a particular time of day. 
Teachers do not set a specific time for login.You just need to login every school day (Monday-Friday) and complete a certain amount of work by the date set out by your teacher. Expect to spend at least one hour per day on a full credit course. Missing one day of e-Credit 18+ is like missing an entire week of class during the regular school year. 

I've submitted my course request online, is there anything else I have to do? 
Yes! You haven't finished the registration process yet! 
Our Guidance Counsellor has to approve your course request in order to complete your registration. Upload your credit counseling sheet or official student transcript into your e-Reg account or send documents to us via email Don't wait! Many of our courses fill up very quickly.

How do I drop an e-Credit 18+ School course? 
To drop an e-Credit 18+ course, please complete the Withdrawal Form from our website. Keep in mind that if you drop a grade 11 or 12 course after the Full Disclosure date (November 25, 2019) the mark will appear on your permanent transcript. If you intend to drop, do so before the Full Disclosure date! Please note that emailing your teacher about your intention to drop is not the same as completing the withdrawal form, and if you do not complete the form you will not be removed from the course! 

How much does it cost to take an e-Credit 18+ School course? 
Unlike most things in life, it's free. But your teacher's time and your time are valuable, so treat your course with the respect that a valuable opportunity like this deserves. 

Does it matter if I use a Mac or a PC? 
No. Desire2Learn (the platform for all TDSB e-learning courses) works fine on both Macs and PCs. What's more important is to always use the most recent version of your browser. The most up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer all work with Desire2Learn. 

What textbooks will I need for the online course? 
None. No textbooks are required for your course. All content will be provided to you online through the D2L learning environment. 

Does it matter which browser I use? 
No. However, if you are experiencing technical difficulties, try another browser or contact the D2L Help Line (1-800-222-0209) which is available 24/7.

Who do I call for the tech support when I run into technical issues with the D2L? 
For technical help call D2L Tech Support 24/7 at 1-800-222-0209 

Am I eligible to take e-Credit 18+ course if I am currently attending school?

No. The e-Credit 18+ program is intended for students not currently attending school.


How much work is an e-Credit Course?

Expect to work few hours every day on your e-Credit 18+ Course. Successful students are those who actively participate in their course on a regular basis, i.e. attending Virtual Classroom sessions, logging in daily, reading course materials, participating in discussions and submitting assignments.


How will I connect with my teacher?

You can communicate with your teacher through email, class discussion, and regular Virtual Classroom web conference.