George Harvey Collegiate Institute (GR. 09-12)

Learning anytime anyplace - Education for the 21st Century!
George Harvey C.I. strives to prepare students for academic and career success after high school.  It is a learning community of all its members: students, parents, and staff working together to pursue educational success for all students. Staff work closely with students to ensure that high expectations are met. Our high academic focus and experiential learning opportunities includes programs such as Co-op, Dual-Credit courses, ESL programs, and S.H.S.M. Programs. This great variety of programs ensures that all students have options to pursue their skills and passion. The interwoven leadership expectation for all members of our school encourages active participation in school life, resulting in everyone making positive contributions.
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This school is involved in a Pupil Accommodation Review at this time. View the latest information shared with the community about this process or visit our review page for further information.

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Sam Miceli

Zorica Prekajski
Geoffrey Vanek
Office Staff:
Cheryl McClennan
School Council Chair(s):
Emily Tarupa
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