Attendance policy

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance and punctuality are the hallmarks of success and a demonstration of care and respect for teaching and learning. Students should be in class before the start of morning exercises, that is by 8:45am (10:10am on Late Start Wednesdays).

  1. Avoid scheduling appointments during instructional hours.
  2. For full day absences:
    1. Parent/Guardian phone on day of absence.
    2. If an evaluation is missed, a note will be required upon your return and shown to the subject teacher before given to the Main Office.
    3. Students are expected to make up missed work.
  3. If you need to sign –out unexpectedly during the day:
    1. Report to the Main Office
    2. Your parent/guardian will be contacted
    3. If permission is granted, you may sign out.
  4. A planned absence of more than 4 days requires the completion and submission of an Extended Absence Form from the Main Office requiring the signature of all your teachers and your Vice Principal at least 10 days prior to the absence.
  5. If you need to sign out during the day:
    1. Bring a note from home and show it to you subject teacher in order to leave class
    2. Report to the Main Office to sign out
    3. If you return the same day, sign-in at the Main Office.

Late Policy

  • A student who is not in class at the start of the period is considered late.
  • All late students are required to sign in with the teacher in their classroom.
  • Any pupil who arrives 30 minutes late is required to get a Late Slip from the Main Office.
  • After 5 lates, the classroom teacher will call the parent/guardian to devise a plan for improvement.
  • Students who are significantly and regularly late (5+ late arrivals) will be referred to the Main Office by the classroom teacher and be required to meet with a Vice Principal for further action.

Consequences for Lateness May Include:

  • Detentions at lunch, before or after school
  • Student and/or parent conferences with the Vice Principal
  • Withdrawal of extra-curricular activities and participation on school teams