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Mathematics at GHCI

The primary goal of the mathematics program at George Harvey CI is for students to learn to problem-solve, communicate ideas, create, understand, and critique arguments. Our teachers strive to cultivate an appreciation for the beauty, creativity, and power of mathematics to engage students in its study. The math department will facilitate students' journeys beyond numbers and algorithms, allowing them to see the prevalence of mathematics in daily lives across many disciplines.


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We use technology in the classroom to investigate, manipulate and visualize math concepts through many interactive activities.




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Framework Document

EQAO Practice Field Test 2020 - 2021

EQAO Example Assessments

EQAO Gr 9 Academic Formula Sheet

EQAO Gr 9 Applied Formula Sheet


Remedial Opportunities

  1. Contact your teacher for extra help, Remote Office Hours: Mon-Fri  1:10-1:45 pm 
  2. Peer Tutoring (Licensed to Learn Partnership)
  3. Math Ahead - After School Numeracy Program
  4. EQAO Lunch and Learn
  5. Online Homework Help: tvoMathify

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Enrichment Opportunities 

Math Contests    

This year due to COVID-19 we are not running any contest in school but we encourage students to register individually for any math contest through the CEMC website: 

Waterloo Contests


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University Math Requirements

Canadian Universities- Math Requirements


College Math Requirements

Ontario Colleges - Math Requirements