The Arts

The Arts

Visual Art

Visual Art at George Harvey has a very comprehensive program from Grade 9 to Grade 12 which includes Focus Courses.

Grade 9 Art  - NAC10 -  explores  the  First Nations of Canada in art reflecting seasonal themes, historical events and the relationship between man and beast. Guest First Nations artists are invited to teach lessons and units.

Grades 10 through 12 Art are Open and Mixed (University and College) courses where various methods, media and activities are explored. Artistic and historical eras from Cave Art, Ancient Egypt, Medieval, Baroque and Modern times in both Europe and North America are covered. Projects vary from drawing, painting, printing and sculpting in clay.  AVI20  AVI30 AVI4M 

Visual Art Focus Courses:

PHOTOGRAPHY –  AWQ4M - Uses both film and digital photography.   Students develop their film and photographs using the dark room.

ANIMATION AND ILLUSTRATION - AWK30 AWK4M - Students learn how to create cartoons, comic book layouts and illustrating short and long stories. Techniques include 1 and 2 point perspective, walking a figure through space, facial expressions and more.  

DRAWING AND PAINTING - AWM4M - Focuses on drawing and painting in the classical tradition of the Old Masters. Pencil drawings in three dimensions create a realistic look which are then transferred to painted portraits and still life.

GRADE 10 ESL  - AVI208 - To support our ESL students, this grade 10 class offers newcomers to Canada the opportunity to express themselves in art, learning both how to draw and  the English vocabulary that goes with it.

George Harvey also has an extra-curricular Art Club for students who are interested in exploring and refining their techniques in a supportive environment.


The Drama Department at George Harvey offers a full complement of Drama courses at every grade and level - both Open and Mixed.

Senior drama students explore classical texts from Greek tragedy through Shakespeare. Senior students can use the 12M course to apply to colleges and universities.

The Drama Department also runs the extra-curricular Drama and Creative Writing Clubs for students who want to explore dramatic forms and create original work.


The Music program at George Harvey offers three different streams of music courses including Band, Steel Pan, and Strings.

We have a new MIDI lab in the music classroom which allows for the integration of computers in the classroom as well as an opportunity for students to compose their own original pieces.

Music at George Harvey is a culturally diverse program dedicated to developing a strong and vibrant community of musicians.

Extra-curricular activities include String Orchestra, Concert Band & Steel Pan Ensemble.