Returning to School Safely:

Based on the Returning to School Guidelines  that were set out by the TDSB, we have prepared the school in the following ways to welcome your child(ren):

●   Entrance Screening (all student will enter the school using the main Jarvis Street entrance, exit only through the Wellesley Street exit)
●   Signage in the halls
●   Bathroom Posters--how to wash your hands
●   Decals in the halls to show how/where to walk
●   Gridding outside for student to line up
●   Class set up for social distancing

Self-Assessment Prior to Coming to School Every Day
All students and staff are expected to complete a screening at home.  Toronto Public Health has asked that staff and students remain at home if they have one (1) COVID symptom.  

The TDSB has an app that will be used for at-home screening every morning prior to leaving home.   This will allow for quicker entrance into the school.  Staff will begin the year using a verification process that students have been screened at home.

When arriving at a school, Toronto Public Health has mandated that everyone entering – students, staff and visitors – must have their self-assessment verified before they can enter. You can easily perform your assessment before leaving home:

-  On a computer, by logging into TDSB Health Screening App
-  Install the application on your personal device

Learn more about the full screening and verification process at
Parents can also use the paper form using the link below.
Please find additional information and instructions for downloading the screening app on your child’s phone: 

As outlined by the TDSB, all students are expected to bring a mask and wear it while indoors at school. The school will have some disposable masks if needed. Masks can be removed during outdoor time.

Entry/Exit and Attendance:
Classes begin at 8:45 a.m. Students should aim to arrive by 8:30 a.m. to avoid screening line ups.  

Students will have assigned seats and will keep their backpacks and coats at their chair. There will be no lockers for students. 

Students who arrive late are to enter via the Jarvis Street entrance only.  Late students are to enter one at a time, to be screened and to go directly to the classroom to be marked late by the classroom teacher if before 9 a.m.  Students that arrive after 9 a.m. must sign in at the attendance office after being screened at entry.  .

If your child is going to be absent or late please call the school and leave a message on safe arrival at 416-393-0149.  Students must have written permission from parent/guardian to sign out early or sign in late.  Parents/Guardians are expected to contact the school for all student lates and absences.

Due to the size of our washrooms, access will be limited to 2 students at a time. Students are to use the designated washrooms closest to their classroom only.  Students traveling outside of class during class time will sign in and out of class and be provided with a hall pass.  All student excusals will be limited to reduce movement in the halls for safety.

Snacks/Water Bottle:

Students are to bring labeled water bottles to stay hydrated.  There will be no access to regular water fountains--they will be covered--however, a water bottle filler station is available to students.

Students are to limit snacks and food in the building; and, students are to discard all garbage.  Our morning “grab and go” nutritious snack program will reopen in October.  


Visitors are asked to contact the school for an appointment where they will need to sign in and provide detailed contact information for contact tracing should it be required.  All school visitors are expected to participate in a COVID screening, use hand sanitizer and be masked prior to entering our main office. For everyone’s safety, where possible, meetings/appointments are to be held over the phone or via online video conferencing if appropriate. Please remember for all of our safety, parent(s)/caregiver(s) are not to be in the building escorting students or visiting a teacher without an appointment.  

Course Request Changes:
Guidance counsellors will not be able to conduct in-person appointments for timetable changes.

Timetable changes will only be considered for the following reasons:

- A selected course was earned during summer school;
- A prerequisite for one of the selected courses was not earned;

- A prerequisite course is needed for post-secondary plans;

- A student in Grade 12 with 24 credits may request a spare; 
- A student has only one course in Quad 1.

If these apply to you, complete the Course Change Request Form, linked below: 

Please be advised that we cannot accommodate requests for specific teachers or for courses to take place during a specific quad.

General Information:
All TDSB students are issued a TDSB student email account.  Students having difficulty accessing their email account can reset their password at:
For additional information on all aspects of school re-opening, please go to:

Thank you for your continued support of our school community.