Volunteering at Kennedy PS - Making a Difference

Working Together for our Students' Success: Volunteer!

As communities make a difference in people`s lives, so can you at Kennedy P.S.by volunteering your time and expertise. When you volunteer, either here or in your community, you`re setting a good example for them to follow.

Whether it`s helping a child by reading one-on-one, joining the class on a field trip, or working with a class project, your involvement is welcome. Joining the School Council is another great way for parents to stay connected with all the exciting things going on here in our school community. Every school council is made up of parents, members of the community and school administration to represent the interests of the parents and students. School councils also get support from the school board in developing their school community leadership skills.

Another opportunity for parents to participate is through local ward forums. At the TDSB, 22 publicly-elected trustees each represent a geographic area called a ward.

Trustees call public meetings called ward forums, where parents from area schools meet to discuss issues of common concern and provide input into school board decisions that affect not only their own school but the whole school system.

The TDSB has also established a number of Community Advisory Committees, comprised of parents, TDSB staff and elected trustees, to provide ongoing community advice and input on specific areas of policy or programming.

To find out more about how you can get involved, talk to our Principal, Mrs. Rhonda Cohen-Pierobon or our Vice Principal, Debbie Loftus-Tierney at 416-396-6410.

You can also visit www.tdsb.on.ca/parents, or call (416) 397-3528.