Grade 7 & 8

Dveloping Leaders in the Intermediate Grades

In the intermediate division at Kennedy Public School, we pursue a shared vision of excellence in citizenship and achievement.  We strive to send the message that all students have the potential to act as powerful agents of change and that they can have a significantly positive impact on our community and on the world.

Academic endeavors that the division is currently working on cover a wide array of topics.

~In Language, students are currently working on writing persuasive for the upcoming Speech Arts competition in May (date TBA)

~Urban voices: Intermediate students submitted over 20 entries to this publication - a compilation of poems, writing, and artwork from students
published by the TDSB. 

Good luck to all students who entered!

~Gallery 44 Camera outreach program: A joint program with the TDSB 

providing our students with the opportunity to use professional camera

Strong emphasis is placed on getting involved in extra curricular activities and we encourage our students to take advantage of all that the intermediate division has to offer outside the classroom:

~Sports teams this term including coed volleyball, badminton, ultimate frisbee and track.

~Intra-Murals: currently dodge ball is running, and next up will be floor hockey

~Girl Crew Club  - grade 8 girls meet once a week to discuss pertinent issues
- On March 8th, 2016 the girls are going over to the IBM head office to participate in a women's conference

~Boys Night - Every Friday night the intermediate boys congregate in the gym to get active

~Student Council - The council actively organizes events for the other intermediate students as well as for the whole school.  They just 

finished up making, organizing, selling and delivering candy grams for Valentines Day. Next on their agenda is organizing an Easter Egg hunt for the students.