Grade 6

Grade 6 Creativity!

In Grade 6 we are continuing to focus on essential skills to ensure that our children continue to be capable life-long learners.  Whenever possible, we to use technology to support learning in our classrooms.  Current events continue to be an integral part of our new Social Studies curriculum; students are encouraged to discuss local, national and international issues both at home and school.  We have a balanced literacy program with the expectation that our students are reading nightly and recording their reading in their agenda log.  We will continue to focus on explicit teaching of Reading skills through Shared, Guided and Independent reading.  Recently our classes celebrated World Literacy Day with exciting activities based on the popular story "The Day the Crayons Quit".  We look forward to speech arts and an opportunity for our students to hone their public speaking skills.  We continue to host faculty students as partners in teaching and learning.