COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project
Our School has a COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project.

Mary Shadd Public School

Mary Shadd Public School

Mary Shadd Parent Handbook


We are planning for a school year like none other. COVID-19 has significantly impacted how we operate and we have been busy thinking about how to navigate these circumstances as we prepare to welcome our students and staff back to Mary Shadd PS in September. Much of our direction is based on guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health and, of course, the Toronto District School Board. Above all else, in planning for the start-up of this school year, we are striving to ensure a consistent approach to learning and prioritizing the health and safety of students and staff. We will have to remain flexible and recognize that circumstances may change depending on the evolution of COVID-19. We are committed to providing students with regular and meaningful learning opportunities as well as connectivity to staff while also maintaining a safe environment for the entire school community. 

We do not know what this year has in store and we will need to be responsive to ensure the safety of our students, staff and community. This may mean changes to the way things work at Mary Shadd throughout the year. We recognize and appreciate the challenges and anxiety that this uncertainty can bring, but one of the principles that has guided our planning and will continue to guide us as we move forward is the needs of staff, students and families. 

We encourage you to continue to look at the TDSB’s website for specific board wide information. What we are striving for with this Parent Manual is to provide some contextual information about how the TDSB’s Return to School guide will be implemented at Shadd!

As you know, these things are extremely fluid and they may change on a daily basis. As new direction is given to us and as things change, we will continue to keep you informed. We both feel extremely blessed to have such an amazing staff who have worked with us throughout the summer to develop the procedures we hope will keep our staff and students safe and learning. The ongoing support of our students, parents and the Mary Shadd PS  community is very appreciated. Thank you for your support and continued patience as we navigate through this critical work.



Visitor Policy

“Safety First” for our Students 

Mary Shadd Public School has a Visitors’ Policy to ensure the safety of our students and staff. The policy is monitored and reviewed every year and its purpose is:

  • To enhance the safety of students, staff and volunteers at school, while maintaining a welcoming environment.
  • To easily identify visitors, volunteers and parents in the school.
  • To help staff identify possible intruders in the school.
  • To provide administration with the names of people in the school in case of an emergency.


  • All visitors, including parents are requested to enter through the main doors and report to the school office upon arrival.
  • All visitors, including parents, are asked to wait at the school office or outside the school for their children. Please do not proceed to the classrooms to pick up a child, deliver items, or give your child a message.
  • Visitors are to sign-out at the office and return their visitor tag before leaving.
  • If you want to speak with a teacher, please make an appointment at the office.

Thank you for your cooperation. 


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