Co-Op (Canadian Job Experience)

CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION (Canadian Job Experience)


6 Credits / Full Day


Can’t get a job without Canadian experience?

Can’t get Canadian experience without a job?

Try our very successful Co-op program.

In Co-op you will spend 4 weeks in class learning such things as résumé writing, interview skills, the kinds of jobs you are best suited to, and your rights and responsibilities as an employee. After the 4 weeks in class, you will be in the workplace for 14 weeks. Your job placement will give you the valuable Canadian experience which most employers require. You will also earn 6 credits towards your high school diploma in 18 weeks.

Co-op will be offered in September and February.

Please contact our Adult Co-op Department  for more information about the Co-Op program at SCAS.  (416) 396-6921 X 20137.