The Science Department at Birchmount Park strives to support excellence in learning and provide a program that sustains the enthusiastic curiosity of our students.

Grade 9 students will explore the use of solar panels and Fun Flysticks while studying electricity. For Grade 10, we will continue with the slimy frog dissection! For our Chemistry courses, we will have competition in bouncing Ball and making Carbon Sausages. While in Physics, they will study projectile motion ... In our Biology courses, over 140 grade 11 students will have the opportunity to perform a pig dissection. This annual activity is the highlight of the course, as students get the chance to apply what they have learned.

In addition, the Birchmount Science club (BSc.) has 25 students meet weekly. Many have tried to “Save my balls” and are planning to celebrate International Mole Day on Oct 23 and Pasta Bridge building contests.

We will also prepare and send our best and brightest students to set outside of the classroom environment and compete in challenging science and engineering focused events for this school year.

Live! Love! Learn Science!

Courses Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
General Science SNC1D
Biology     SBI3U
Chemistry      SCH3U SCH4U
Physics     SPH3U  SPH4U

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