Birchmount Arts

Visual Arts: 


Students who choose to further explore the option of Visual Arts as their Arts elective will discover that they have opened the door to a wide array of possibilities and opportunities for individual study and creation, as well as for potential post-secondary and career pathways. 

We offer Visual Arts courses from grades 9 to 12, including Expressing Aboriginal  Cultures, Sculpture, Applied Design, Digital Media, Digital and Darkroom Photography, which are Special Focus courses. In the Comprehensive courses, students explore a wide range of art media, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. The study of contemporary and historical artworks and artists supports all major studio projects. Excursions to galleries and exhibitions support curriculum content and inspire our students in the creation of their own artwork. Special focus courses provide students with the opportunity to further develop skills and pursue specific art forms and media related to their strengths and interests. 

In all courses, the goal is to equip students with the technical capacity and visual literacy to express themselves, to create, and to engage with their world in all its complexity. Students learn that art can be both personal and public, it can be celebratory or it can be critical, but it is always a record and reflection of the concerns of the artist, the society and the culture from which it comes.



Music consists of Instrumental, Vocal and Keyboard courses. Students in all the disciplines work in small and large ensemble settings, with the common goal to improve technique and performance skills.

Woodwind, Brass and Percussion instruments gravitate towards the Instrumental music class, where they frequently perform for events such as Commencement, Awards Ceremony, Remembrance Day and a Holiday Showcase. In the past, students have been part of a Degrassi television shoot, where they were asked to portray the roles of band kids. This February, students will be attending a Toronto Symphony Orchestra rehearsal.

Vocalists and Keyboard students have numerous opportunities for performance. Along with the above, students have participated in the TDSB Music Showcase, performing at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Students learn to blend, and harmonize, with an emphasis on reading skills through keyboard art, and classical piano methodology




An amalgamation of Drama, Music and Visual Arts allows us the opportunity for many large scale productions. Plays and musicals such as, The Odd Couple, Blithe Spirit, Mirror Games, Little Shop of Horrors and Grease have been showcased by our Arts students. 

Our Drama program covers elements of theater, including stage terminology, theatre analysis and performance. Students have the luxury of working in a black box theatre with access to our amazing auditorium facilities. Drama students perform on Senior Drama Night, and also experience field trips to elementary schools to showcase their children’s plays. 

Whether your choice is Visual Art, Music or Drama, your options in grade ten will allow you more freedom to explore all the Arts. The Arts at Birchmount Park Collegiate is a thriving, energetic department, with graduates succeeding in many reputable post- secondary institutions.

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Courses Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Dramatic Arts  ADA1O1 ADA2O1 ADA3M1 ADA4M1
Music -Instrumental, Vocal and Keyboard AMI101
Visual Arts and Photography NAC1O1  AVI2O1