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What is Advanced Placement (AP)?


AP stands for Advanced Placement. The AP program is recognized by national and international Universities as one of the best programs for preparing students for success at University.  AP courses are offered at the Grade 12 level. Students in Grade 12 AP courses are taught and learn at the University level.  AP courses are richer, deeper, and more academically demanding than Grade 12 courses traditionally offered at the Academic-level.

Each AP course has a standardized exam which is written in early to mid-May, as well as the subject exam at the end of the semester.  

Successful completion of the AP subject exam can lead to a credit and/or advanced placement in the same subject in University.

To be successful, AP students must be able to demonstrate learning skills that are expected of students studying at University - critical thinking, researching, collaboration with peers, and intensive studying.

Not all AP credits are transferrable (and transferrable equally) at all Ontario universities.


AP Credit Policy Search (The College Board): Find uinversities offering credit or placement for AP scores.


For General Information about Pre-AP and AP Programming, plus Writing AP Exams at Thomson:

AP Co-ordinator 

Mr. Roderick Barrie

  416-396-5525                          Roderick.barrie@tdsb.on.ca    

AP Chair and AP Biology Teacher

Mr. Edmund Kim

   416-396-5525 x20251

For Information about Registration of Grade 8 and Thomson Students in Pre-AP and AP Courses

Student Services




What is the Pre-AP Program?

Pre-AP stands for Pre-Advanced Placement. The program is a set of subject-based courses, offered to students in Grade 11, which teach important learning skills for success in Grade 12 AP courses. Pre-AP courses are more challenging and demanding than academic-level courses.


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