List of Clubs:



  • Audio-Visual (AV) Crew - Mr. Barrie

  • Chess Club- Mr. Kim, Mr. Kundra

  • DECA Business Club - Mr. Panagakos, Ms. Murton-Park

  • Games Club- Mr. Johnston, Ms. Michela

  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance- Ms. Michela, Ms. Weiss-Szeto, Ms. Mousseau, Mr. Price

  • Library Ambassadors- Ms. LeGrow, Mr. Mazunder

  • Mental Health and Well Being Committee - Ms. Stein, Ms. Takas

  • Robotics Club- Mr. Kim, Mr. Boreanaz, Ms. Manning, Mr. Harrison

  • Wind Ensemble - Mr. Gorst

  • Jazz Band  - Mr. Gorst

  • Thomson Athletic Council (T.A.C.) - Ms. Manzo, Ms. Kil, Ms. Kenn

  • Thomson Leadership Council (T.L.C) - Ms. Thorpe-Taylor, Ms. Manto

  • Thomson Improv Club - Ms. Lamb, Ms. MacAdam, Ms. Essery

  • Vocal Ensemble - Mr. Gorst, Mr. Liu