Family Studies

Family Studies

Course Codes


Exploring Family Studies (HIF1O1)

Grade 9 Open


This course focuses on students as individuals as well as their roles within the family.


It encourages them to set realistic goals for themselves, teaches them how to achieve these, as well as make good decisions throughout their lives.


Students analyze various forms of the family, their roles within them and the six functions each family must accomplish to be successful.

Students learn to communicate effectively with others and how to use various resources available to them in order to be successful throughout their lives.


Working with Infants and Young Children (HPW3C1)

Grade 11 College


This course prepares students for occupations involving children from birth to six years of age.


Students will study theories about child behaviour and development, and will have opportunities for research and observation and for practical experiences with young children.

Students will become familiar with occupational opportunities and requirements related to working with infants and young children.


They will also have opportunities to develop research and critical-thinking skills as they investigate and evaluate current research about early childhood education.


Raising Healthy Children (HPC3O1)

Grade 11 Open


This course focuses on the skills and knowledge of parents, guardians, and caregivers need, with particular emphasis on maternal health, pregnancy, birth, and the early years of human development (birth to six years old).


Through study and practical experience, students will learn how to meet the developmental needs of young children, communicate with them, and effectively guide their early behaviour.

Students will develop their research skills through investigations related to caregiving and child rearing.


Families in Canada (HHS4C/4U)

Grade 12 College/University


In this course, students will focus on issues and challenges facing individuals and families in Canada’s diverse society.


Students will develop knowledge and skills to help them conduct and communicate research that relates to children, parents and relationships today.

Students will acquire skills that can provide them with a realistic outlook on their future plans and gain skills and knowledge to help them along the way.


Topics explored throughout the course are focused on themes that relate to emerging into adulthood in today’s society.