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Timetable Update - August 29th 2023


Timetable changes for Semester 1

Welcome back to a new school year 🙂

The start of the Semester (September 5th) will be busy as we are still working on incomplete timetables and conflicts. Please check your Semester 1 timetable on the TDSB Connects

  • If you are in Grades 9 or 10 and have an incomplete timetable you will need to come into the Student Services Office on Sept 5 or Sept 6 to fix your timetable (a complete timetable has 4 courses and lunch in Semester 1 and 2. Your grade 9 schedule must include English, Math, Science, French and Geography and grade 10 schedule must include English, Math, Science, History, Civics and Careers) an appointment is not necessary, counsellors will be seeing students on a walk in basis, so please wait your turn.
  • For Grades 11 to 12, if you require a change for a missing prerequisite, you need to replace a course taken previously, or you are missing a post-secondary requirement, please make an appointment to see your counsellor using the online booking system online booking system.  Appointments will run from Sept 7th to Sept 15th.  

*Please note that you can only make one appointment to see your counsellor for a timetable change. Multiple appointment requests will be deleted. All students MUST follow their timetable and attend all classes until a change is complete. Timetables will not be changed after Sept 15, 2023.

Please note the following: 

  • For incoming grade 10s please ensure that you have earned all your grade 9 courses. If not, please make sure you see your counsellor on Sept. 5th or 6th.  If you took a course in the summer and it is now on your timetable, please make sure you see your counsellor on the above dates
  • Course change requests will not be accepted by email. Please don’t send multiple emails this just slows counsellors down
  • Space is extremely limited, so changes may not be possible.  Make sure you don’t miss your scheduled guidance appointment. You can also look into TDSB Night School or E-Learning for courses that you would like to take but are full or not available.

Best wishes for the new school year! 

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