Visual Arts

Visual Arts 


Course Codes


Expressions of Aboriginal Cultures (NAC1O1)

Grade 9 Open


This course examines Aboriginal cultures in Canada through an exploration of art forms – painting, sculpture, storytelling, dance, and music – created by Aboriginal artists.


Students will learn to identify Aboriginal art forms and describe relationships between the art forms and Aboriginal traditions, philosophy, and culture.

Students will also create their own art forms to express their understanding of Aboriginal identity, relationships, and sovereignty.


Visual Arts (AVI2O1)

Grade 10 Open


This course enables students to develop their skills in producing and presenting art by introducing them to

new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic exploration and experimentation.


Students will apply the elements and principles of design when exploring the creative process.

Students will use the critical analysis process to reflect on and interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical context.


Visual Arts (AVI3M1)

Grade 11 University/College Preparation


This course enables students to further develop their knowledge and skills in visual arts.


Students will use the creative process to explore a wide range of themes through studio work that may include drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking,

as well as the creation of collage, multimedia works, and works using emerging technologies.

Students will use the critical analysis process when evaluating their own work and the work of others.


The course may be delivered as a comprehensive program or through a program focused on a particular art form.

(e.g. photography, video, computer graphics, information design).


Visual Arts (AVI4M1)

Grade 12 University/College Preparation


This course focuses on enabling students to refine their use of the creative process when creating and presenting two and three-dimensional art works

using a variety of traditional and emerging media and technologies.


Students will use the critical analysis process to deconstruct art works and explore connections between art and society.

Students will also make connections between various works of art in personal, contemporary, historical, and cultural contexts.


The studio program enables students to explore a range of materials, processes, and techniques that can be applied in their own art production.