Friday Prayers

If you would like to attend the Friday Prayer services at the Mosque, please fill out the permission letter using the link below. You have to return your signed form to Ms. Takas in Student Services (next to the Main Office). Your teacher will be notified that you are to be excused from 2:00pm-2:45pm.

Friday Prayer Permission Letter

You are responsible for signing out in the main office before you leave for the Mosque. You are also responsible for finding out from your teacher any work that you missed as well as negotiating alternate days and times for any quizzes or tests missed.


Daily Prayers


For students that would like to pray daily in the school, you can use the Cafeteria at the end of lunch, 12:15pm-12:30pm. There will be a designated space in front of the stage that will be set up for you. You must return to your classes right after. Please add your name to the following link:

Daily Prayer List