School Council


Behind every great student, there is a support network. Parents and Guardians make up the backbone of that network. Informed and active parents are a key component of our success at Oakwood CI.

School Council Reps for 2021/22

Sandra C - Parent

Pauline W - Parent

Sarah S - Parent

Ariel and Rheanna - Students

Ms Levine - Teacher

The best ways for parents and guardians to keep informed are to join the School Council, attend School Council Meetings and receive our School Council e-mails.

School Council meets on in the evenings at 6:30pm.  Dates vary to accommodate all parents and caregivers, please monitor the google calendar or stay tuned for updates.

For the Fall of 2021 Council meetings will be virtual.  Zoom links will be sent to all families a few days in advance.

Fall Meeting Dates:

Sept 27

Oct 26

Dec 6

January 25

March 7

May 30