Enhanced Pathways

​Grade 9 Enhanced Pathways Academic Program

Oakwood CI is excited about our new grade 9 program (starting in the fall of the 2017-18 school year) which focuses on elevating the learning environment at Oakwood.  It is the placement of grade 9 students who have traditionally selected between the Academic and Applied level courses in all Academic level programming. Our collective Oakwood BELIEF is that all of our students deserve an elevated learning environment with high expectations and caring supports ---- and most importantly, WE BELIEVE in THEM!  The majority of our students will take Academic English, Science, French or Extended French, Geography and Math.  Class sizes will be smaller and students will get support.  We will be offering a two week summer school program to help with gaps in Literacy and Math (non-credit) and Learning Strategy courses will be offered as co-ordinated-support-classes to maximize student success.  For the students who need to take Locally Developed courses, English, Math and Science will be offered at that level.

People for Education. Academic or Applied? Choosing the right path.