School Procedures



Regular attendance is fundamental to school success.Attending school regularly - and on time - leads to better marks and gives you more opportunities to interact with other students and staff.The only way to participate in extra-curricular activities and get extra help is by attending school regularly.

You demonstrate responsibility and a determination to be successful every time you arrive on time for class.Punctuality is a positive trait which leads to success in college, university, and the workplace.

The expectation at Oakwood is that you will arrive well before the 8:45 a.m. start, and arrive on time for all your classes through the day.


Questions & Answers About Student Attendance

What if I feel ill during the school day and are not able to participate?

  • Inform your teacher immediately.You will be sent or escorted to the office, where parents/guardians will be contacted.

What if I am not able to participate in gym class?

  • Bring a note from your parent/guardian and give it to your Phys. Ed. teacher explaining why you cannot participate.A note from a physician is required to be excused for extended periods.

What if I am very close to my class when the bell rings?

  • You will be considered late. Being on time means inside the class.Please don’t drop your books on your desk and then leave.This will make you late when you return.

What if I am not able to attend class regularly or on time because of social issues, bullying, lack of understanding, or some other personal reason?

  • Speak to your teacher, guidance counsellor, or vice-principal.We encourage you to speak with your parent or guardian as well. The adults at Oakwood are here to help you. Do not hesitate to speak to them about your concerns at lunch, or before or after school.

What if I know I will be absent or late because of an appointment?

  • Have your parent/guardian report the absence at 416-393-1790 (#1).When you return, report to the office with a note signed by your parent/guardian stating the reason for your absence, and the dates.

What if I need to leave school early for an appointment?

  • Bring a note from you parent/guardian, show it to your teacher, and then sign out in the office. Without a note, parents/guardians will be called.

What if I arrive late for class?

  • Go straight to class.Your teacher may assign a detention or other consequence.You will still be marked “late”.

What if I want to leave school/property between classes, or take an extra-long lunch?

  • You may only leave the building during the lunch period. If you are over 18, you may leave the building during your spare.This is also a safety issue, because we do not know where you are.

What if I want to skip class and not have my parent/guardian find out?

  • Parents/guardians will be notified by phone via our automated “Synervoice” program whenever you are not in class.

What if I arrive late a lot and skip class?

  • Your marks will suffer. Your success is important.You may also face a consequence which may include:
    • a meeting with the Vice-Principal, which may also include your parent/guardian.
    • a detention.
    • being placed on a daily tracking sheet.
    • being prohibited from participating in extra-curricular activities.
    • being referred to the TDSB Attendance Counsellor.
    • in some instances,you may be suspended from school.



  • Lockers are the property of the school and are loaned to students.The Administration reserves the right to open student lockers with or without the students’ permission in order to protect the safety, belongings, and/or health of others in the school community.
  • Students are responsible for the condition and appearance of their lockers and must only occupy the locker to which they have been assigned through their home form.
  • Students are urged not to share their lock combination with anyone and to keep their locker locked at all times. All students must provide their lock combination to HF teachers.
  • Students are expected to have a Dudley combination lock.Locks are available for purchase from the office ($5.00 each).Gr. 9 students are provided one lock for free which can be used every year.



Personal Property

Please do not bring valuable items to school.Valuable items, cash or electronic devices are the responsibility of each student and the school will not replace them if they are lost or stolen.


Cellphones and Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs)

Cellphones and personal electronic devices are not to be used during class time, unless they are used for educational purposes as determined by the teacher. Students using a cellphone or other personal electronic device inappropriately may have it confiscated and returned by a vice-principal at the end of the day. Cellphones and PEDs are not to be used inappropriately to record or photograph students or teachers without consent.