Student Dress


All students:

  • Must wear a top and bottom layer of clothing of opaque material.
  • May wear tops that expose arms, shoulders, stomachs, midriff, neck lines, cleavage and straps but must cover the nipples.
  • May wear bottoms that expose legs, thighs and hips and expose straps and waistbands, but must cover the groin and buttocks.
  • May wear any headwear that does not obscure the face.
  • May wear dress requirements to support a creed practices and similar human rights accommodations.
  • May not wear tops that expose nipples.
  • May not wear bottoms that expose the groin and buttocks.
  • May not wear any headwear that obscures the face.
  • May not wear undergarments as outerwear.
  • May not wear anything that promotes or symbolizes drugs, alcohol, illegal activity, hate or discrimination, profanity, pornography; or that incites violence or harassment; or threatens health and safety.