From the Principal

Welcome Oakwood CI students to another school year.As you have often heard me say, it is truly going to be “FUNomenal”!I hope you had an enjoyable summer break, were able to spend time with family and friends, and are now ready to “b3”: ‘Believe’ in yourself and that YOU CAN; ‘Bust your Butt’ and work harder than you ever thought possible; and ‘Be the Best you can Be’!This year, I would like all of us at Oakwood to focus on “WE --- TOGETHER making the DIFFERENCE”.

Again, I am super excited to support and meet our grade 9’s who are starting in our ‘Grade 9 Enhanced Pathways Academic Program’, and all other new students at our school this year.Adjusting to a new school (your ‘new home away from home’), is never easy, but we have CARING family in our building; your fellow schoolmates and Oakwood staff are here to help you grow, develop, and learn.I strongly encourage you to get involved, share your voice, and participate in the rich life that Oakwood offers.Learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom walls, so get involved with clubs, sports teams, music activities, and much more.Remember, RELATIONSHIPS are the keys to success in school and in life…establish and build them!


“Take care of yourself --- and each other,

Strive to be the best you can be,

Don’t be afraid to be different --- Be an ‘Original’, Take risks,

Think ‘outside-the-box’,

Think ‘Other’ ----- Think OCI!!!”

Mr. Yee




provide equal educational opportunity for all students

foster harmonious relationships and respect for the rights of others

provide programs to meet specific learning needs of students

provide varied academic courses that prepare students for all post-secondary pathways and destinations

provide a variety of co-curricular activities

create opportunities for experiential learning through field trips connected with specific components of the course of study

recognize excellence in academics, arts, athletics, and co-curricular activities through scholarships and awards