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Early French Immersion – Application Process & Timelines

For families interested in the Toronto District School Board's Early French Immersion Program, we offer an online process to apply. The entry point to Early French Immersion is Junior Kindergarten. An offer of placement in the program (not a specific school) is guaranteed to all on-time applicants. While every effort is made to place students in the school identified as their area French Immersion school, this not always possible. Students may be redirected to another school with available program space. Application process opens October 31 and closes November 25. 

Families with an older sibling currently in an Early French Immersion program and who will be in attendance next year are still required to complete an online application for the new student. You are asked to select the “sibling option” within the online application.

Virtual and In-Person Information Sessions for the Early French Immersion application and placement process are available in November as well as the digital flyer card. For more information about French programs, the application process and important dates, interested families may visit or click on Application Process. Early French Immersion flyers are also available in multiple languages.

A few reminders about the process and questions that may be asked at this point:

  • The deadline to apply to the program is November 25, 2022.
  • If a parent/caregiver cannot access a computer, please reach out to the school and we will assist you at the school.
  • Please know the process is NOT handled on a first come, first served basis. All applications received by the deadline are managed with the same priority.
  • If parents/caregiver experience difficulties, they may contact us via email at:
  • A parent/caregiver may still submit an application online after the deadline passes on November 25, 2022; the application will be marked as late and the application will be on a waitlist subject to available space until the end of September of the entry year; there is NO guarantee of placement.
  • Placements in French Immersion are offered based on home address, not on location or enrolment in child care.

Below is a Q&A that may support some inquiries.

When the on-line application system (PARS) opens…

How do I apply to Early French Immersion?

  1. We invite parents/caregivers to visit Select the program from a drop-down menu on the right (Early French Immersion) and follow the prompts. This process is not first come first served. In the weeks following the close of the application, offers of placement will be sent to the email address provided by the parent/caregiver. Please check this email frequently and follow the prompts in the message when the offer is made.

My child is not in the TDSB and does not have an OEN. ALL families will be non-TDSB families who have child(ren) born in 2019.

  1. For non-TDSB students, please select the “Non-TDSB Student” option on the PARS site and follows the steps to generate an identification number. You must then continue the application procedure with this number.

I can’t get on the website.

  1. Please be reassured that the application is not handled on a first come, first served basis. If there is an internet issue, please try again. If there is a problem with the site, please let school know by telephone call (416-393-9305) and we will look into issue and communicate any next steps if required. Please continue to try again in the next couple of hours/days if the problem persists.
  2. If the parent/caregiver cannot access the internet from home or has any other challenges using the on-line system, please contact the school at 416-393-9305 and we can offer assistance. With a DOB (date of birth), anyone can submit the application for the parent/caregiver.

When will I hear?

  1. Offers of placement will begin in the days following the application deadline and they will continue for the weeks following. Not all families in a given area will receive their offers of placement at the same time, but all will receive one. 
  2. We encourage parent/caregiver to check their email frequently (including their junk/spam mail folder).

Is it a first come first served process?

  1. No. All applications received by the deadline are treated with the same priority and are guaranteed a place in the program (we cannot guarantee placement in a given school). 
  2. All applications received after the deadline will be held on a waitlist and considered subject to available space until the end of September of the entry year.


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