Behaviour Code

We believe our standards of behaviour are essential to providing a safe and caring learning environment.
• our staff will be fair, firm and consistent
• our staff will encourage and support the students in showing respect for each other and for school property
• our staff will establish and maintain a school environment which supports learning

We follow a progressive discipline model, and use restorative practices as a general approach.

Code of Conduct

The students of Palmerston Ave Public School are expected to:
• follow instructions
• walk quietly in the halls
• use their hands and feet in a friendly way
• use inclusive and appropriate language, put downs or inappropriate language are not acceptable
• never use racist, sexist or homophobic remarks
• are considerate and respectful of each other, the environment, our school and the property of others

Support for students who are struggling with inappropriate behaviour can include:

• personal counselling
• a letter home written by the student
• loss of privileges (recess, field trips, sports activities)
• community service
• time out

Students with severe behaviour concerns can include:

• in-school suspension or
• formal suspension

Please note that all T.D.S.B. schools must follow the guidelines outlined in the document 
Safe School Procedures and Policies. Parents can read the overview of this document on the TDSB website.

Character Education

Character development at the TDSB is about helping students learn and practice positive character attributes. When we build good character, we build strong communities. In the school community, character development is woven into programs and practices it becomes a way of life. Student success is dependent on a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where all students feel valued. This starts by teaching our students about the value of character – respecting themselves and each other, making positive contributions to their school and community and thinking critically and creatively.

Character Development:

  • Develops the whole student 
  • Contributes to a healthy, safe and orderly school environment 
  • Creates a collaborative school where the teaching and learning can be the focus 
  • Provides high expectations for learning and behaviour 
  • Engages students in their learning 
  • Is Universal 
  • Is Respectful 
  • Strives for an ever growing depth of self-awareness, self-discipline and understanding