Did you know students’ enjoyment of reading is one of the most important individual characteristics that predict higher achievement, and that enjoyment of reading doesn’t only affect a student’s literacy scores; it is also a predictor of their success in science and math? Read more in the People for Education report by clicking here.

The Library and Literacy Committee supports our school library program, promotes the joy of reading and use of 21st century learning resources in a variety of ways:

• On Mondays a Primary Lunchtime Book Club is hosted by both parents and teachers. During the winter and spring this book club is dedicated to the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading program. School council funds pay for the Forest of Reading books.

• On Tuesdays teachers and parents volunteer in the library to keep it open for students during the lunch hour to peruse the stacks, read for pleasure, take out and return books.

• We help organize a TDSB Virtual Library information night for parents. This is an evening where parents learn about the rich, subscription based resources and curated links for general learning and research available to all TDSB families 24/7.

• We help distribute the TDSB Virtual Library learnmarks to all students and families. These learnmarks contain the passwords required to access subscription based resources from home.  Passwords can also be found in the student agendas.
• Snowed In is our annual family literacy night event, supported by school council. We recruit over 20 volunteers to help run this event, as it is attended by over 200 people. It is an exciting evening with guest authors (award-winning author Nicholas Oldland and cartoonist Dave Lapp visited for 2014), over a dozen literacy board games are available for families to play together, families play online literacy games on the TDSB Virtual Library website, there is a book exchange (bring a book, take a book) and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

• We obtained funding from school council to bring in guest authors during the school day through TD Canadian Children’s Book Week.

You can sign up for one or several volunteer library activities - no experience required! Sign up to volunteer by clicking here.

The Ontario Library Association published a free interactive online tutorial for parents. Click on "21st Century School Libraries, Parent Engagement and Student Achievement" to learn more.