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Welcome to Palmerston!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome the Palmerston community and viewers around the world to our school through this dynamic website.

Palmerston Public School is a vibrant, exciting, and caring place for our students, staff, and families, and we are proud to be part of this dynamic school. We have about 430 students. Our staff and parents share high expectations for their children, and the students respond well to the encouragement they receive.

The School Council generously funds enrichment programs for all of our students: Scientists in the Schools, Performances, and so much more. In addition, many parents give up their time to volunteer in the school as well as transport or accompany children on field trips and athletic competitions.  Working together, we make a great school outstanding.

The students become very involved in our many initiatives every year and participate with enthusiasm and kindness. Our students exhibit well-developed skills in the many events we participate in with other schools such as track and field, cross country running, soccer, volleyball, and so much more, Whenever we compete, Palmerston students are complimented on their behaviour and great sportsmanship. We are impressed with the maturity level of our students and the emphasis on sportsmanship from our teacher coaches and the families. Finally, we have a great deal of fun at Palmerston.

Please continue on your tour of our website and watch it grow.

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