Balanced Class and Placements

Balanced Classes and Placements

In the near future, teachers and the school administration will be meeting to place students into next year’s classes.  As a team, we look at the needs of each student and at the characteristics of each class that we create.   Some of the considerations for class placements are:  

  • Gender balance
  • Diversity
  • Academic needs
  • Social dynamics or needs
  • Special learning needs
  • Date of birth
  • Teaching and learning styles

Creating classes is comparable to a giant jigsaw puzzle.    When assigning children to classes, we need to ensure that each class is balanced according to all of the criteria listed above.   As an example, we try to obtain an equal ratio of boys to girls.   This process takes hours of deliberation and discussion and we appreciate your trust in our knowledge and professional judgment.

We appreciate input from parents in regards to placement.  Please see the information below in regards to Parental Input guidelines.

  1. Placement requests are made to address a very significant concern or to meet a need that, if not met, will cause significant challenges.   Teachers should already be aware of the situation, and home and school should already be working throughout the year to address it.
  2. Teachers have the primary responsibility of placing students.   They use their in-depth knowledge of each student and the dynamics of their classroom to guide them.  Parent input must be sent by email to the Principal and to the teacher, or be made in writing to the Principal.
  3. We do our best to take into account parent input regarding significant concerns and/or needs.   Unfortunately, there are times when we are simply not able to do so.   (For example, a parent may request that their child go with her group of friends.   However, we may not be able to do this because we need to ensure a gender balance.)
  4. We will not consider requests for specific teachers.

In conjunction with School Council, we have created a “Frequently Asked Questions” document for your reference.   It is available on the school website.   We hope that it answers many of your questions or concerns.   

In September, students will be given time to “settle in” to their classes.   If your child continues to have difficulty adjusting, we can meet to discuss how we might best support.   We do not consider moving a child as a first step.   Rather, we start by working together to implement and monitor in-class solutions.   Any placement changes would be made after a variety of interventions has been implemented, and would occur at a natural break in the school year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Main Office at 416-393-9305