JK Eligibility

Eligibility for the English JK Program

Palmerston Avenue is considered a "closed" school, which means that we are unable to admit students who live outside of our catchment area.  Under certain circumstances, students who are enrolled in the Palmerston Community Daycare are able to enter into English Junior Kindergarten Program at Palmerston.  Please see below for more information.

From TDSB Procedure 545

9.0 Child Care

9.1 Every child who is eligible to attend school has the right to attend a designated school based on the home address of his or her parent(s) or guardian(s).

9.2 Every child enrolled in a school-based, licensed child care centre has the right to attend the host school, even when it is not the child’s designated school by home address.

9.3 Children are considered “in district” as long as they attend the child care centre located within the host school; these children should not be required to complete an Optional Attendance application. If children are withdrawn from the child care centre, they will be required to return to their designated school based on home address. However, if space is available at the host school, an application to remain may be made through the Optional Attendance process.

9.4 In the case of Immersion and Extended French programs, placement is determined by home address, not by child care location. Child care operators are encouraged to explain this to parents at the time of registration to ensure that the implications of having children attend a child care centre outside the home school are fully understood.

9.5 It is recommended that schools and school-based child care centres work together to coordinate registration and admission practices in the following ways:

9.5.1 Child care operators are encouraged, wherever possible, to give priority to children living in the school’s designated attendance area.

9.5.2 In early January of each year, child care operators should advise the principal of the number of children (according to licensed capacity) likely to enter school from that child care centre. This will assist the administration in school planning.

9.5.3 Child care operators should provide a current list of the names and addresses of all children enrolled in the child care centre who will be attending the school. (Parental approval to share information must first be obtained through the Information-Sharing Consent Form, 692A, which should be part of the child care registration package.) This list will serve as verification that those children living outside the school’s attendance area are registered in the school-based child care centre and will assist the school in maintaining an up-to-date record of out-ofarea students.

9.5.4 The school shall provide a letter to the parents/guardians of children living outside the school attendance area, stating that should the child be withdrawn from that particular child care centre, the child will be required to return to the designated school based on home address, or the parent/guardian may apply to have the child remain at the current school through the Board’s Optional Attendance process. The letter also provides information regarding registration in French programs.

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